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Geek Bar disposable vapes use inhale activation, so there are no buttons or additional settings to worry about. It can create up to 575 puffs, which is easily more than 20 cigarettes. Its 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid absorbs quickly, satisfying cravings faster. Aside from that, it means you’ll get a smoother throat hit. GeekBar Pulse are available in a variety of mixtures to cater to everyone’s preferences. They come in flavors such as fruit, candy, menthol, and tobacco.

Every disposable Geek Bar product is made to last longer than 20 cigarettes at a significantly lower price. 350 puffs can be delivered by the smaller Geek Bar pulse, and up to 575 puffs by the regular GeekBars. Therefore, even though the traditional GeekBar disposables may cost a little bit more, they have a longer shelf life. We advise you to test one from each spectrum to see which suits you the best.

Every vibrant Geek Bar Disposable has a durable 500mAh battery inside. Even more portable, the GeekBar pulse disposable can last longer than a pack of regular cigarettes despite being incredibly small. The 2ml capacity of both Geek Bar disposables is prefilled with an array of delectable flavors, and the nicotine salt e-liquid solution delivers a smooth and silky throat hit along with extremely quick relief from nicotine cravings.

Geek Bar Vape Buying Guides

We not only carry the complete line of Geek Bar vapes in every flavor, but we also provide discounts for purchasing multiple items from the line. The classic GeekBar vapes are available in our 3 for $15 area, while GeekBar Lite disposables are available in our 3 for $12 range. You can sample a variety of flavors for less with this mix and match package, which also includes GeekBars and other name-brand disposables.

The Geek Bar vape has a lot of diversity, and our guides are a wonderful place to start if you’d like to learn more about these disposables. We’ll be discussing the collection’s greatest geek bar flavors, the ideal nicotine level for a GeekBar, and even how to switch from disposables to other vape kits.

In addition to the variety of flavors, there are two distinct kinds of bars available: the traditional GeekBars and the GeekBar pulse line. While the GeekBar Lite disposables are smaller and less expensive, they provide less puffs per device than the original bars, which may give up to 500 puffs.


Selecting your favorite Geek Bar flavor is simple with so many combinations to select from. The most well-liked ones are:

GeekBar Watermelon Ice is a delicious, tropical flavor that exhales with a refreshing menthol kick.
Strawberry Ice Cream GeekBar: A delicious dessert vape, Strawberry Ice Cream combines elements of fruitiness and richness.
Sweet Strawberry GeekBar: Sweet Strawberry is a sweet e-liquid that tastes like summer fruit with every draw.
Pink Lemonade GeekBar: This refreshing citrus beverage’s flavor is enhanced with a blend of delicious fruits.
Menthol GeekBar: Menthol gives your vaporizer a constantly cool flavor that makes every inhalation seem ice.

Geek Bar Pulse Vape 15000 Puffs

Presenting the Geek Bar Pulse, a state-of-the-art item from the reputable vape company “GeekBar.” Its unique adjustable airflow feature gives you the flexibility to tailor your vaping experience to your tastes. Enjoy a whopping 15,000 puffs in “Regular” mode; if you switch to “Pulse” mode, you’ll still get up to 7,500 puffs. Take a look at this amazing equipment that flum vape Vapor is delighted to provide you while you explore the world of vaping technology!

Specifications of the GeekBar Pulse Vape:
50 mg of 5% nicotine
Two Vaping Settings, Various Puff Amounts
– Standard Mode: About 15,000 puffs
– Approximately 7,500 puffs in pulse mode
16 milliliters pre-filled E-liquid 650mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery; E-liquid Dual Mesh Coil; Large Display Screen; E-liquid Level Indicator; Battery Indicator